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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Diamond Frost

``Diamond Frost'' has delicate white flowers that will remind you of baby's breath. The difference is that Euphorbia ``Diamond Frost'' is grown as a potted plant for both indoor and outdoor use. ``Diamond Frost'' has been available in the nursery trade for only a few years, yet in this short time it has proven itself as winner. Planted outdoors, it blooms nonstop when utilized as a bedding plant or ground cover. ``Diamond Frost'' is highly drought tolerant with a bushy, yet open growth habit, uniquely qualifying it as a subject for hanging baskets and containers.``Diamond Frost,'' as a member of the succulent Euphorbiaceae or spurge family, is not as hung up on the issue of moisture loss. A bonus attached to ``Diamond Frost'' is its ease of propagation so that you are actually getting dozens, if not eventually hundreds, of plants at no extra charge. Detach 3-inch stem pieces and stick them in pots or soft ground to expand the presence of ``Diamond Frost'' in your garden.