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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Vintage Fabric Pumpkins

New for Autumn, available @ The Design Haus.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Spooky Wreaths and Halloween Plaques

Here are NEW Spooky Wreaths for Halloween 2011 with Halloween Plaque Add-ons. You can find these and more Halloween Decor @ The Design Haus.

I am linking to The Graphics Fairy.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Covered Headboard Tutorial

First cut a 3/4 inch piece of plywood to the size needed. I left mine 48" wide and cut it to 64" since I am making a Queen size headboard. I wanted a simple rectangle, but the sky is the limit. You can have an arched top or a French curve. Make a template to size from brown paper if you have doubts and tape it to the wall above the bed. If you don't have a saw most DIY Big Box stores will cut straight cuts for you.

Next attach the foam with spray adhesive, you may need to tack or staple a few places along the edge. The foam should be at least an inch thick. Foam can be very expensive, you can cut cost by using egg crate foam that is used on top of mattresses.

I like to cut the edge of the foam with an electric carving knife. I use the same style that I use to carve the turkey at Thanksgiving. Before you get grossed out I have 2! One for crafts and one for the Kitchen. Next cover the foam with batting. I use quilt batting that comes pre-packaged. This seem to be a bit stronger and can be wrapped and stapled down tightly. It is important to have this step finish with the top being smooth so you don't get any ripples under the fashion fabric. Now you can lay out the fashion fabric making sure to be wrinkle and crease free. An iron can be your best friend. Use it now so you will have a smooth finish. Wrap and staple the fabric starting on one long side in the middle and working your way towards each corner. Make sure the fabric is taut. Switch to the opposite long side and repeat the process. Then do each end the same way. Now the corners- I like to do a lap over, short end tucked and stapled first then the long end overlaps. You may need to trim some of the fabric depending on the bulk.

This step is optional. I like to have a finished back side. Since the back of the headboard is attached to the wall, no one will ever see it. If you are a pro, like me, and a perfectionist to boot, finish the back. I cut the fabric the same size as the headboard and turn under and press the edges about 2 inches in. Using the same method as above staple in place starting at the middle on one of the long sides, etc., etc.

I like to use store bought cleats. These are metal and are rated for 200 pounds. I use 2, one in each of the top corners indented 2 inches from the edge at the top and side. Follow the manufacturer's instructions. Super easy.
Once you have decided how high you would like the headboard on the wall install the other half of the cleat and hang the headboard locking the cleats.



Give it a try, and have fun!